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Simferopol – the main transport centre of Crimea. Wide fall between External and Internal ridges of Crimean mountains (on it go west street Sevastopol, passing in the highway with the same name, and on the east - the prospectus of the Victory passing in Feodosijsky highway) is crossed by a powerful valley of the river Salgir. Along it there passes from the north on the south a line from Moscow and Kiev to Yalta. Accordingly and streets are called: the Moscow highway (to the Moscow ring), Kiev (from the Moscow ring to road service station) and Yalta (for quite some time now its part carries the name Vernadsky's prospectus).

Dolina Salgira in the beginning of the Moscow highway breaks through the External ridge, and at street Yalta - the External ridge which breakages form picturesque Petrovsky rocks. Under breakages of rocks from city centre on the south there is rather good and free street from trolley buses Thieves'. On it the most convenient way to Alushte and further to Yalta.

The Main street of Simferopol - Kirov - connects east and western directions, and also two largest markets - Central and Kuibyshev. In the same mezhgrjadovom fall, but to the north of street of Kirov there passes the railway. Between Station and the street of Kirov is all historical centre of Simferopol with an accurate rectangular lay-out of 18 centuries, including the main foot zone - Pushkin's street.

To the south of street of Kirov in an inconceivable pattern small streets of medieval small town the Ak-mosque are weaved. If you have got here, unique, but very reliable reference point an openwork tall mast of a teletower. The television centre is in the street Student's, from it to city centre, to the area Soviet Lenin's street (not to confuse to Lenin's parkway, which at Railway station) goes down. The area Soviet with a remarkable two-tower building of the House of cinema gives the chance to get on the north to station and further to the airport and on the Moscow direction, on the West – to Sevastopol, on the east – to Feodosiya. Well and on the south – along the street Thieves'.

Suburbs of Simferopol are formed of suburban villages and many-storeyed inhabited microdistricts. In many-storeyed quarters terrible mess of streets and numbers, and roads are broken. To the autotourist it is better to visitor not to be put there, and at visits to relatives or acquaintances constantly to trace a route by means of a mobile communication.

In general, except taxi drivers very few people can understand an artful design of the Simferopol streets. But all main thing is located either in the centre or along a valley of Salgira.

Vicinities of a city along all lines abound with pleasant wood small restaurants, there are commercial ponds for fishing.

To the West from Simferopol in village Chestnut in a shade of magnificent chestnut avenue the manor Borozdinyh-Davydovyh, relatives of poet-hussar Denis Davidov has remained. In 1825 the writer and diplomat A.S.Griboedov here stopped.

In addition on the given theme:

the Trolleybus line: airport "Central" - Simferopol – Alushta – Yalta (М-18, Е-105, 95 km)
the Sevastopol highway (М-26, 83 km): Rocky and the Observatory (Т-01-16, 14 km), Bakhchisarai and cave cities, Inkerman - Sevastopol
Bakhchisarai - the Grand Canyon of Crimea – Ah-petri – Yalta (Т-01-17, 86 km)
Highway Sevastopol – Yalta (М18, 80 km)
Highway Alushta – the Pike perch (Р-08, 93 km), Kapsel and the Solar valley, ShChebetovka and Karadag, Koktebel – Ordzhonikidze - Feodosiya (Р-08, 55 km)
Feodosijsky highway (М-17, 120 km): Simferopol – Belogorsk – Old Crimea - Feodosiya
Feodosiya – Lenino (51 km), ShChelkino and cape Kazantip; Kerch (Е-97. М-17 from Feodosiya – 98 km) - Kerch strait, reserve Opuk
the Northwest from Perekopa to the item Black Sea (117 km)
the Western coast from the item Black Sea to the North side of Sevastopol (Т-01-04, Т-27-09, 160 km)

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