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the camp Device

Road and movement it only a part of delights of tourism. Not the smaller pleasure, especially for children, delivers the bivouac device. Very important correctly to choose a place, but in Crimea (despite all its variety) just in it you will not clear up. On special seaside parking places it is necessary to pay for a place. In a mountain-wood zone not only the parking and camp device, but also wood visiting during the fire-dangerous period (from May till November) is forbidden. The truth is places of mass rest in green space of cities, but they are not intended for rest with эюёхтъющ.  There are still forest belts or dumetose beams and others zakustarennye neugodja among fields and gardens, but it on a case of unforeseen spending the night.

For such situations with a place choice too it is not necessary to hurry up, and requirements the such: it it should not be visible after the journey; the entrance is necessary convenient and such that has not become limp in case of a rain. Better if the bivouac will above road , after all it is possible to go down and on razmokshemu ways. In beams, ravines and gorges it is tempting the equal and pure bottom dry rusel rain streams looks — them give out peschano-shchebnistye deposits. After downpours through these channels the powerful grjaze-stone stream can sweep — sel which in a condition displace even the truck (such cases in Crimea were) that is why settle down only on a grass! Usually in managements for autotourists camp recommend to break at sources of water and there where there is a brushwood. But in Crimea both that, and another a rarity, and a fire (if it not in special concrete kostrishche or a stationary brazier which are here and there in vacation spots) very much will spoil your reputation before foresters, militia and other guards.

Before to put tent or to spread a laying, examine the earth, whether not too it crude, whether is not present in it holes, courses of small ants, stones and snags. Define a place for the car , it should not touch trees and bushes, but the shade is necessary reliable and long. To examine the car from below, it is better to put it over a flute or deepening. Under wheels hammer in wedges or stones, lift the car on both jacks and unload a luggage carrier.

in wood actually it is not necessary to build the Toilet. One archeologist (M.Frondzhulo) has told to me that ancient Jews (which were nomads-cattlemen) had simple rules: after a sunset; outside of parking (camp) and so that the wind carried away a smell. On a belt they carried a small rake (the shovel will approach Soviet army small sapernaja). To it the square of the earth with a grass (turf) just acts in film, and then - after all abrupt (or liquid) has put this square keeps within into place. Hygienically, harmlessly, aesthetically and the dandelion does not scratch...

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