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the Autocaravan and its safety

In a way it is impossible to lag behind from each other, therefore the most skilled driver or the most serviceable car closes the company . On forks and in settlements it is better to vanguard (advanced) command to wait for others and not to lose track of them.

In unfamiliar district or on proselkam it is better to go in the afternoon. Sun position, is more true route orientation to rising and a sunset it is necessary to choose so that its beams have not blinded an eye. In general in the summer early morning and evening suits movement only. On heat rubber wears out faster, the engine overheats.

The Passenger sitting near to the driver, should not allow to it to doze in a way. Good conversation on easy and pleasant themes, but without sharp vskrikov and pokazyvany a finger, reliably compensates monotony of road.

At stops on an abrupt slope do not forget to enclose wedges or stones, but do not leave them on road. Very much steep slopes on which there is no power of the motor, it is possible to take a backing, having landed thus passengers, but the maximum care for this purpose is required. In general steep slopes undertake without a gear change, on short liftings preliminary dispersal helps.

Care is required and on descents , thus it is necessary to use approximately the same speed what would be on lifting. Mountains do not suffer descent counting upon one brakes and on neutral transfer or even with the switched off motor. Frequent braking on descents strongly warms up brake drums, and behind them a nave and bearings from which not too refractory greasing can flow out. Therefore on descents it is necessary to examine attentively wheels and at traces vytekanija greasings immediately it to add.

On mountain roads Crimea the special catching pockets which are turning on from a line deadlocks, extinguishing inertia of dispersal even are provided at refusal of brakes. Their position is noted by traffic signs.

On country roads in steppe, having noticed the earth small groups, thrown out by rodents from holes, go round such places, differently the car can sit down at them wheels.

The Southeast of Crimea, for example areas Malorechensky, Sea, Koktebel (Especially silent bay), the western coast from Nikolaevka to Orlovki, coast of Kerch strait differ high opolznevoj activity . After May thunder-storms and summer downpours gullies, cracks in a ground by depth in metres, and width in tens centimetres are often formed. Near to coastal breakage extensive sites can fall in the sea. Even if the dirt road goes through cracks, immediately to stop and look round. Thus keep from a breakage edge on safe distance and to look round simply find a place above and far away from breakage.

In mountains, and in steppe the flock of sheep, herd of cows can become an unexpected obstacle. Counter animals are better for passing, having stopped, and here from a passing environment it is possible to break, if in front of car the person runs, shouting and swinging hands.

Sometimes in a way suddenly appears sharp a gasoline smell . To be reconciled with it it is impossible, gasoline steams, especially etilirovannogo, are poisonous, so it is necessary to search for malfunction.

Speed movements choose by the possibilities and quality of road, its congestion cars. But even under all favorable conditions too fast driving will turn back the raised expense of fuel. Skilful driving, correct use "nakata" — the inertia, well adjusted brakes, the carburettor will help to save gasoline. By the way, if in a way to keep account fuel the data about its raised expense will be a signal to troubleshooting.

We have started the head with council to get maps and sharts, but we will recollect and that "you can get anywhere if you know how to use your tongue". Always it is required and the live information from local residents. Certainly, is better to receive it at drivers, motorcyclists; thus never the pair of the specifying questions will be superfluous, after all many fine details can become familiar and drop out of a field of the local driver. Therefore about forks, possible branches, difficult sites try to learn more in detail and from several persons.

If the way is combined and on it it is necessary to come back, choose to itself the navigator for conducting a travelling diary and a route chart. Such work quite on forces also should be pleasant to the schoolboy of middle age very much.

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