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Features of entrance to Crimea

Distinctions in PDD Ukraine and Russia:

  1. Overtaking: overtaking is forbidden "more close 50 m before a pedestrian crossing in settlement and 100 m — out of settlement" (In Russia overtaking is forbidden on pedestrian crossings at presence on them pedestrians). Overtaking on the main road at noncontrollable crossroads (in Russia it is resolved) is forbidden also.

  2. the Stop: the stop more close 10 m from pedestrian crossings in both parties (in Russia the stop more close 5 m before transition is forbidden and it is direct behind it) is forbidden. The stop more close 30 m from airfields of routeing motor transport (in Russia — more close 15 is forbidden.

  3. the Arrangement on proezzhej parts: departure on an extreme left strip of the given direction is authorised only when the others are occupied, and also for turn on the left, overtaking and a turn (in Russia movement on an extreme left strip is authorised in settlement provided that in the given direction is available more than three lanes).

  4. Application of special signals: in Russia red flashing majachok serves as addition to dark blue. In Ukraine it has the big force: dark blue orders to make way only, and red demands from passing drivers "to stop near a right edge proezzhej parts", and if the road has no dividing strip as well counter drivers are obliged to stop. Coming nearer to the standing car with included flashing majachkom — dark blue or red, the driver should stop and continue movement only with the permission of the traffic controller.

  5. Signs: in Ukraine there are signs which are not present in the Russian rules. In particular, it is necessary to remember the following sign: in a white circle with a red border inscription STOP and under it "control". He forbids journey without a stop before militian and other control points.

  6. Pedestrians: the pedestrian has "advantage at transition proezzhej parts on the designated noncontrollable pedestrian crossings" (in Russia rules do not demand to pass pedestrians in this case).

  7. the Insurance: being in territory of Ukraine, the car should be necessarily insured. To issue the insurance it is possible on customs point at entrance to the country.

  8. Other: PDD Ukraine demand, that on a mechanical vehicle of the foreign citizen were "the registration licence plate, which letters соответcтвуют to the Latin alphabet, and also a distinctive sign on the state in which it is registered". In other words, on the car there should be a tablet in the form of a white oval with letters RUS.

border Crossing Russia and Ukraine at entrance to Crimea occurs only on a ferry from Tamani in the Krasnodar area in port Crimea. Other two entrances to Crimea from the north through the Rekopsky isthmus and through the Chongarsky bridge especially from themselves do not represent anything, the usual road control which can be as well in Crimea, for example on Angarsk pass or on entrance to Sevastopol.

For citizens of Russia the trip to Crimea does not demand any special visas and documents, sufficient is obshchegrazhdansky the internal passport. Children should have documents without fail. For children who travel not with parents, notarially certified power of attorney from parents addressed to accompanying even if it is the close relative is obligatory.

the Customs control. The currency is imported and taken out by any persons irrespective of age. Orally (without filling of the customs declaration) the sums are declared in any currency, to an equivalent 1000 euros. The sums to an equivalent 10 000, or checks to 50 000 euros are declared in writing, resolving documents on it it is not required, on import and export of great sums the special permission of National bank of Ukraine is necessary.

Personal jewelry are necessarily declared, cameras or videocameras - at will of the tourist.

Temporary (till 2 months) import cars for tourists is resolved at payment of custom charges without payment of other taxes. It is desirable, that the car has been insured, it allows to solve very quickly problems because of road and transport incidents and easy to continue rest.

Export without taxes souvenirs and in general the subjects which are not commodity party, is possible, if their cost does not exceed in the sum an equivalent 100 000 euros. On export of works of art the permission of the Ministry of culture, to souvenirs is necessary - there is enough check of shop or art salon.

Alcohol is imported without origin certificates in quantity: 1 litres of vodka products, 2 litres of wine, 10 litres of beer, and a foodstuff for the sum to 50 euros. On export of alcohol from territory of Ukraine for personal needs of restrictions is not present, however it is necessary to consider rules for the country where you drive.

Import and export any narcotic substances is forbidden.

Gas and sports , and also fowling pieces (except for cut) and knifes in the presence of corresponding documents it is possible to import and take out pistols, specifying in the declaration.

Individual protection frames of type gas balonchikov can use to adults and children without any special documents.

Pets are transported freely on the basis of the special inquiry of the state veterinary medicine on a residence of the tourist and the inquiry on an inoculation against furiousness.

Registration and resort gathering. Since July, 15th, 2001 obligatory registration on vacation spot is cancelled. Foreigners are registered at the moment of crossing of border of Ukraine and can freely move on its territory. However in resort cities and settlements it is necessary to pay small resort gathering which local authorities spend for an accomplishment. Raise it usually in hotels and other places of residing. If you have stopped at the private person or even is simple at acquaintances or friends in a resort zone, gathering is all the same obligatory. Accept its room bureaus or municipal firms.

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