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Luggage and its packing. As how to take with itself

On a lodging for the night in the car it is possible to count only in extreme cases, at bad weather, impossibility to pitch tent. Car preparation, its re-equipment in a bedroom demand shift of weight of things, infringement of an order of the packing, all it tears off a lot of time and quickly bothers, besides, to sleep in the car is stuffy, especially in the summer. So do not save on tent. So-called autosummer residences, trailers and hook-on vans for coast, perhaps, do not justify themselves, they are bulky, manage nedeshevo, but so desired cool do not give. Is better tent-trailer though will approach both any large light and easy tent with a set of marching furniture: folding beds-chaise lounges, a little table. It is important, that the tent had windows with a grid from insects and a zipper on an input.

the Ware for autotourists now is issued by special sets, but it is possible to complete it and is independent: all should be unbreakable, be put each other pans, the teapot and a frying pan (with the long demountable handle) should be stored in a canvas bag that the soot did not spoil other subjects.

Be not seduced with thermoses, in a way they are impractical: easily fight. We advise to be limited to only big steel "food" thermos with a wide neck which is reliable enough and universal; it is possible to fill it even with ice-cream that very opportunely on the best beaches where trade has not reached yet.

Sleeping bags will be necessary only in mountains, in general the best variant of bed — an inflatable rubber mattress (at which vast possibilities in entertainments on water and the important functions on a beach), an easy woollen blanket and a felt roll (penopoliuretanovyj a rug and its other synthetic analogues) in the summer. The bed-sheet is better for combining with a blanket cover and to get or sew the loose leaf for a sleeping bag (without the bag). It is spacious cotton "envelope" with tapes or fasteners from above. The loose leaf has weight of advantages: it will not fall down a floor of tent or the earth and will not concern them at all, in it any living creatures will not creep, it is easy for erasing, ironing, quickly to lay and clean, it almost weighs nothing and does not take a place.

Felt — very valuable "nomadic" laying though on stones, though on sand or a grass, perfectly blocking rubber dampness of an inflatable mattress.

Attention: foam rubber does not suit at all use out of door, especially in mountains with plentiful dews or at the sea on sand. It absorbs water and in general a moisture from a ground and air. Special tourist rugs and rugs for employment by fitness possess water-repellent properties. If they volume and multilayered on them it is possible to float still. Unlike inflatable mattresses, such rugs dry up instantly, water simply rolls down from them.

When you are defined with all necessary things and will start to take down them in one place, it will appear that such heap will be taken away only by "BelAz". But do not despair. Art of packing, twisting, insertion and zapihivanija works wonders! At least one days prior to departure lay all things and if there is a possibility, learn luggage gross weight.

It is possible to travel certainly only with several plastic cards or a small small suitcase of currency, however trade assortment the tourist goods and qualification of sellers are decent in Crimea only in several club shops of Simferopol and Sevastopol. At coast nasty taste and dreadful perfidy of the Chinese fakes reigns. All bright, disposable and allergenic – the beach goods, marching and bivuachnoe equipment. So all the same take with itself everything that love and to what have got used on rest.

The Exception make only a foodstuff – they in Ukraine on quality and a variety, perhaps, leave now behind any country of Europe. Do not do superfluous stocks of products. Shops and food points povsemestny, and in all tourist centres and along highways many of them work round the clock.

Correct placing and reliable packing things on family travel — an indispensable condition of quiet and frictionless rest, therefore:) each thing should "know" the place; all things should unite in groups to destination (products, ware, clothes, tools, bed, sport stock, etc.) ; Paper packing is not necessary, bags — canvas, linen and polyethylene, and also cardboard boxes-paki which can be developed and combined plainly — all need to be inscribed and divided it on weight: a lung on a roof, heavy in a luggage carrier or in the trailer. Suitcases and portfolios in the car lose any meaning — are too heavy, backpacks are necessary, if you plan to drag them on yourselves, modern easy rjukzachki-bags, certainly, are necessary for a daily life on parking. For best clothing it is necessary to get or sew a special cover with a zipper in which the clothes are fixed on a coat hanger, it is very convenient for holding in salon, having hung up over one of back dverok, it is better left.

Easy and soft things, and also that is not required in a way before parking, is packed in a luggage carrier on a roof, is better in an awning or tent. That the head wind has not stirred your belongings, at first on them lateral edges of an awning, then back and a first line are thrown in the end; all it firmly co-ordinates, it is better special spring ropes with hooks. At the slightest postukivanii the slipped out edges of an awning or the cord ends on a car body it is necessary to stop and fix packing.

Attention: recently spring ropes began to let out certain "firms" not from a multicore wattled elastic band of "Hungarian", and from the rubber medical tube twisted with a fabric, hooks on it keep poorly, and as a whole a design the extremely unreliable. So buying such ropes, do not give in to the Soviet memoirs, and carefully check up quality.

Igor Rusanov

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