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car Preparation

Going to a way, take care of an irreproachable technical condition of the car, especially its rubber "obuvki". One - two trial departure on various on biases and quality a covering a near route will allow you to find out weight of trifles which if with them not to consult, will spoil all travel. It is necessary to give special attention to brakes.

Wash out a radiator and a shirt of the block of cylinders, remove a scum. In Crimea water differs high rigidity, therefore try not to change but only to add water.

Except spare parts, various subjects will be useful for car service still. jacks it is better to have pair: they will gain, if the car gets stuck in a way, or at repair. On two jacks, in front and behind, put the car at long parking or on every night to unload springs, especially at a lodging for the night in salon. Two wooden wedges under wheels at stops on mountain roads, on parking — also will not prevent.

The Crimean sun fries thoroughly the car within several minutes so the awning from an easy tent canvas or a linen cloth is obligatory. Awning edges should have ears for fastening to the car or to the pegs hammered into the earth, a wind in Crimea, especially at coast happens very strong.

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