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Simferopol Alushta – Yalta
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Tarhankut - Sevastopol
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a route Choice

It, first of all, space conquest, and success here it is possible to reach Trailering, only carefully having planned a route and having studied preliminary all ways-roads, interesting places, having defined possibilities to have a bite, a rest, stay the night.

Study attentively under Internet editions or at our forum some reports of autotourists for pair the previous seasons (is not more senior!) also buy some highway maps of different degree of detailed elaboration. "ьрЁ°Ёѕ=№ яѕ=х°хё=тшщ" you as can find the scanned highway maps in section of our site. Survey highway maps will be necessary for a transit part of travel and detailed for you (is not more senior 5 years!) cards of tourist sights for autotourists in whom the kilometric area of pieces of a way between settlements, gasoline stations, campings is specified.

We also advise to study sites on each tourist region of Crimea. In each of them there is a section for autotourists. Regional sites are written counting on public who travels on the car not so much, how many simply comes on it to a beach or to resort area. Therefore on the given site we will concentrate on routes of travel and we will not repeat the information which already is on regional sites for mass beach public.

Our threads of routes otkatany us with tourists and visitors not once, but variants probably set. At once provide, except an ideal route and to steam of spare variants for each day of travel. Weather in Crimea is unpredictable, satellite systems as though did not develop, and except it there are also other unpredictable things. Nevertheless, not to have at all plans – it is wrong. Eventually it is possible to forget what for in general all it was started … Well and time you read this page, I hope, you the person detailed, and we will try not to disappoint you.

Do all travel mentally (more pleasantly it to make lying on a sofa, but it is more useful — sitting at a desk, with a pencil, a ruler and the calculator).

Depending on time which you wish to spend to ways, and qualities of roads the size of daily run, food and lodging for the night points is defined. The day norm of run on country roads can make 150 — 200 kilometres, and on good highways it is twice more. Travel with a family does not need to be transformed into rally; proglatyvanie kilometres will not replace picturesque specific platforms, the appetizing roadside markets, freshening springs with which so roads of Crimea are rich. Time reserve is always necessary and on unforeseen stops, overcoming of unexpected barriers, elimination of malfunctions and other.

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the Choice of style and travel area
the Choice of fellow travellers
car Preparation
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