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the Choice of fellow travellers

To automobile travel to go a caravan, but not too big more cheerfully: two-three cars. It just is enough, that was to whom to help with a case of breakage or on difficult sites; to diversify dialogue on bivouacs and parking; to provide with the company for especially man's, female and children's interests of each member of a family; to co-operate, having established watch and having distributed duties (kitchen, children, the car, etc.).

As the Indispensable condition for an autocaravan serves a generality of interests and sights at education of children, desirable — uniformity of cars which will allow to eliminate easier malfunction. However at any level of mutual trust each crew should have all necessary for “single swimming”, whether a little that happens on the journey.

If your cars are equipped by a radio communication, or a limitless mobile communication, travel will be not only without annoying "poterjalok", but also very sated and rich for dialogue, jokes, an exchange of road impressions.

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the Choice of style and travel area
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