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the Western coast from the item Black Sea to the North side of Sevastopol (Т-01-04, Т-27-09, 160 km)

The cape Tarhankuta Coast in the northwest of Crimea is extremely picturesque, though softness of a South careful landscape here is not present because of poor greens. Steep coast from pliable soft limestone are cut fancifully up by waves and issecheny wind erosion. Here very transparent water and perfect conditions for diving. There are also spacious shallow beaches which are ideal for rest with small children. In local bays water gets warm already from the beginning of May and half a year remains warm almost. The most long swimming season in Crimea.

For trips to local sights the car with good passableness and reliably protected from a dust is necessary. Roads as are not present those, simply stony steppe is unrolled divergently. Guide signs too are not present. But travel can be grasping, tens kilometres without any signs of a civilisation and with very original landscape, and each bay at the sea simply amazes with beauty of rocks and a water transparency. Far not everywhere to the sea it is possible to go down, so necessarily consult on local drivers and skilled fans of these places. Public in areas of mass rest is not especially advanced and does not differ cleanliness. And here in bays which were chosen by divers – purely, zanjatno and a lot of interesting not only in a landscape, but also in a life of local inhabitants. Friendliness, hospitality Here reign and it is possible to hear many surprising and instructive stories.

Black Sea

Direct coastal breakage parts small, but the convenient bay which has received from ancient Greeks two and a half thousand years ago name of Kalos Limen (Fine Harbour). Now it is called Black Sea from the name of district which just about becomes a city. It is capital Crimean sea gazodobychi. A lot of the grandiose and picturesque sea technics. In itself inhabited quarters especial do not represent anything, however and the prices corresponding. The good markets. The fig grows in some local gardens even. The sweet cherry, apricots, peaches go right very nice, and a cherry, a cherry plum and plum in bumper-crop years at all do not collect, so it is little by little showered from trees directly in streets or along highway.

Olenevka and cape Tarhankut

In the extreme West of Crimea the bay as if someone has bitten off slightly from seredinki Tarhankuta that it not too left in the sea is allocated Karadzhinsky . Here all the same system: a bay, pour, lake, a beam-suhoreche; and everything, naturally, is called equally - as Karadzha (Kosulja) and the village only is renamed by Olenevka (but is close to the original). From village on the south protected on pair tens kilometres steep and only at village Marino is good beaches.

Last on Tarhankute a young resort Azure ( the nearest large village Medvedevo) develops in the west of a sandy rerash of the big lake Donuzlav . Wash its tender waves Kalamitsky a gulf - extensive and not such small, as Karkinitsky.

In 4 km to the southeast from with. Olenevka there is a cape Big Atlesh, in which the nature models an enormous arch, and people hollow in a rock a two-mid-flight ladder for descent to water. The next cape Small Atlesh is interesting by a through 100-metre tunnel in calcareous thickness.

In 3 km to the north from Olenevki Dzhangulsky opolznevoe the coast shows all stages and forms of destruction of coast - landslips, taluses, collapses. Calcareous monoliths of the most improbable outlines and remind the sizes Gothic bastions, the Egyptian sphinxes, the Japanese stone gardens. Opolznevye terraces and beams crossing them are covered by a dense bush, frequently from fruit breeds: a hawthorn, a dogrose, a sloe, a blackberry, and a high grass. Here the set of the birds who are taking cover in coastal niches and grottoes is fed.

Water at rocky coast Tarhankuta is extraordinary transparent and pure. These places love the master of an underwater photo and a video shooting, hunting and archeology. Here cult films of the Soviet divers "Охыютхъ-рь¶шсш " were shot; and "+ътрырэуш on фэх" and also many episodes of films "Taman", “Pirates of the XX-th century”. And modern sight is the Avenue of Leaders - from all ends of the former Soviet Union here bring for solemn flooding bjustiki, busts and the whole statues.

It is A lot of here and the rests of former ship-wrecks, after one of them in 1837 on Tarhankutsky cape the beacon which has remained till now has been constructed, and opposite to it on cape the Penalty-mrun (the Black nose) has remained landowner manor, now in it boarding house.

Absolutely recent ship-wreck – dry-cargo ship "Sirius" has sat down on rocks at Dzhangulsky opolznevogo coasts.

The Most prestigious, but at all rare finds under water - Ancient Greek amphoras which have smartly acquired bowls. During antique times the edge has been densely populated with Greeks and Scythians. At Black Sea excavation of the Greek port by Kalos-Limen (Fine Harbour), its area about 4 hectares (Republican istoriko-archaeological reserve "Kalos-Limen", street Frunze, 22а, ph. 9-18-67, 9 26 45) is conducted.

Archaeological opening are made in ten places almost at each local village. One and a half ten antique sites of ancient settlement all openly and selishch, lasting lengthways all coast with an interval in 2-4 km: Greek at the sea, and Scythian - opposite from outside steppes. The most known and interesting to visiting - strengthening Beljaus at village Gromovo. It is possible to get acquainted With finds of archeologists and dramatic history of these places in the Black Sea istoriko-museum of local lore (Revolution street, 8, ph. 9-20-77).

Live lines of an antiquity (they can be tasted literally) Have remained also. It is a question of fresh and very tasty fish. The mullet and a mackerel and goes in the autumn jambs by steep coast of Small and Big Atlesha in the spring. And catch in its special ancient way - setepodemnymi devices of type of huge grids-rakolovok.

By the biggest and the most mysterious in Crimea lakes Donuzlav from Black Sea to Evpatoria can be passed only on the bridge in its upper courses. If you not too hurry up, resort settlements with boarding houses, country houses, ellingami and magnificent sandy beaches is on either side of from lake. But sandy pour, separating Donuzlav from the sea, razryta. In this part of lake the ships of the Black Sea fleet so the zone is closed for civilians are based.

Water in Donuzlave unusually gets warm in the summer so and in military settlement New lake in several kilometres from the sea, resort business all the same prospers. That then to speak about settlement Peace which the festival лZрэ=шя+ for which have created the special pljazhno-club world with numerous dancing floors at village Popovka has simply risen on a wave of popularity international youth.

The Coast from Donuzlava to Evpatoria possesses remarkable beaches, but is deserted and it is not especially clear for automobile travel. Here the set before confidential objects of space armies of the USSR is located, and mean villages alternate with the big garrison settlements. All high system is not focused in any way on the tourists wishing faster to get to a beach. Therefore do not accept any independent decisions for choice road not to rest eventually against the closed barrier. Always ask at local how easier to reach to a beach, whether there are nearby mud lakes (here well-known sakskaja a medical dirt and rapa which instantly treats skin allergic diseases).

the Cornel-jar (Red breakage) – so on krymskotatarski is called steep coast from village Nikolaevka of the Simferopol area in the north to village Ljubimovka on the earths of Sevastopol. There where to the Western coast river valleys go down, river deposits form excellent beaches, and the coast is steady.

Between valleys to the sea there are spurs of the External ridge of Crimean mountains, forming vertical breakages in height in 30-50 metres. They are combined krasnotsvetnymi glinami which have named all coast. There are also big sites of ancient small golden sand, gravel and is dense stsementirovannye sandstone blocks.

There, where prevail clay, often there are collapses, and water in the sea usually muddy, reddish colour. The blocks of sandstone especially covered with muddy water, can be dangerous. The most pleasant, of course, the cleanest ancient sand which is constantly washed away from breakage so our nice "civilised" contemporaries has not time to spoil it.

On the average coastal breakage recedes for a year on 1-2 metres, collapses are most probable in winter storm and after long deposits.

Sandy, Angular

Vicinities Sandy - a young resort to the West from Bakhchisarai are picturesque enough: closely spurs of the External ridge of the Crimean Foothills approach to the sea, the valley of the river of Alma is almost entirely covered by gardens from an apple-tree and a pear, all grows in villages also the rest, is also small nizkostvolnye lesochki, and we have said goodbye to steppe. In Alma's lower reaches it is dug out the Ust-Alminsky Scythian site of ancient settlement . It is said that in mouth deposits any special bright pebble (orange serdolikovaja - a beads did of it and Scythians and goto-alany once), but it as will carry comes across also. Special archaeological excursions will organise "Їы=р-Ђэ=ѕЁшё=" on a place of one of the most bloody battles ХIX of a century - in Alminsky battle were lost ten thousand soldiers and officers of Russia, Great Britain, France, Sardinian kingdom (Italy) and Turkey. Earthen strengthening Alminsky retranshement has remained. To it it is possible to get on avenue which departs on the south from highway between villages Sandy and Angular.

Hardly to the south of Sandy, but behind a ridge of the hills, the next valley on which there is a separate highway to Bakhchisarai has a convenient outlet to the sea also. Below the big village Angular after pair small small lakes the spacious semicircular bay opens. In its centre two bases of rest, and along the edges wild small towns of autotourists and tent camp settle down.

Hardly above on Alma's valley there is a village Vilino. the Foothill pilot farm of the Ukrainian language of scientific research institute on wine growing and winemaking of "Magarach" (the institute is located in the centre of Yalta, and it is created in 1828) Here is located. If all in the world it is known about 24 thousand grades and forms of cultural grapes, in a collection "Magaracha" of their 3.2 thousand, this second meeting in Europe, Monpele (France) conceding only.

The Foothill economy has 520 hectares of the skilled area, rare grades are sometimes presented by 5-10 bushes because of which here come from apart for scientific researches and, of course, for student's an expert. However, saplings of rare grades from local nursery are on sale all interested person. Exists both a tasting room. The wine collection (enoteka) economy is unusually rich also. For sale for serious money wines with endurance of 5-12 years, well and, for example, Semilon Malaga are intended 1924 - already only for auctions. Remarkable wine was prepared by institute "Магарач" for the 150 anniversary of Alminsky battle. It is unusually soft and fragrant Madera Alminsky 12 summer endurances.

Below the big village Angular after pair small small lakes the spacious semicircular bay opens. In its centre bases of rest settle down. A beach pure enough and arranged well. There is a small market and some cafe. On either side of from this beach spontaneous tent small towns of autotourists settle down.

The bottom of steep cape between Sandy and Angular has a spacious nudist beach on which having a rest come from both villages on pleasant tracks among vineyards.

Cape Lukull, Andreevka, Kacha, Orlovka

the Cape Lukull before recent time was the closed zone and is a little known. Coast here are steep and can be dangerous at a storm and long rains. But water at cape is extremely transparent and rich with sea inhabitants. Coastal akvalnyj the complex is declared by reserved. On cape the hydrographic point of the Black Sea fleet of Russia is located. Now it from different directions obstroen expensive enough and impressive country houses, their whole street is under construction on standard projects, obviously, for sale. In a Soviet period to cape bottom the convenient metal ladder and planked footway (old residents speak, for convenient fishing of local admirals and captains, but officially – for a lining of a certain underwater cable) have been made.

On cape almost always there are fans of fishing, diving and is simple judges of bathing in transparent water which on the western coast at the mastered resorts to find not too easily.

On cape Lukull there passes administrative border between the Bakhchsarai area and the earths of Sevastopol.

The village Big and prospering from a Soviet period Andreevka pleases an eye with a beautiful big Palace of culture from which to the sea the huge park with set ekzotichesih plants and bosks of Russian birches was stretched. A beach with small concrete quay and breakwaters.

All it has remained in a good condition and even is added by cafe in piracy style and several palm trees from canes on pine columns. In village last years the set of country houses and inexpensive private boarding houses is constructed.

Orlovka and Kacha

There, where to Black sea runs the river Kacha (at village Orlovka) were stretched spacious enough peschano-gravijnye beaches with a flat bias, good both for children, and for adults. The garrison of naval pilots of Kacha is to the north. Recently it is declassified, so many inhabitants accept tourists and in the apartment houses, and on summer residences, which much. They are located among vineyards, here excellent fruit, vegetables and grapes. To a beach zone from housing estates about 1 km. Rather narrow, but very interesting beaches are under abrupt coastal breakage which collapses after each big storm. In a breakage exposure there are layers of ancient densely packed sand. After storm and landslips it appears below, and you simply anywhere will not find such virgin cleanliness of a sand! So it is possible to reconcile to a total absence on these beaches of any comfort - to build after all here it is impossible. But on very wide beach of Orlovki a full set of all conceivable and inconceivable entertainments and services.


This village is in a mouth of the river Belbek and possesses also remarkable beaches. Only in vicinities of a resort of Ljubimovka it is made natural by Muskat Alkadar . Vineyards of state farm of a name of Sofia Perovskoj since ancient times are famous for the muscats. And the sort of noble family Perovsky has given to the world not only one terrorist (let and well-known), but also the whole galaxy of statesmen, military, writers. In Crimea they owned 4 manors, one of them Seaside and has received the name of Alkadar. In 1889 it was got vinotorgovets by Feodor Shtal and when it has tried the first local wine east refinement and fantastic voluptuousness of wine has forced it to exclaim in language "К№ё ёш and one эюёш": on it is Arabian "рыіъ фрЁ" means divine command.

The Museum of a family Perovsky accepted in 2002 for the first time tourists from Denmark and Sweden and now becomes fashionable. To try fresh grapes and other fruit accompanied by a unique natural muscat - a worthy occasion to thousand kilometres of a way!

Nearby to village there is a well-known 30th Battery (now the Museum of coastal armies of the Black Sea fleet of Russia). Its guns amazed the purposes by land and by sea in 1st and 2nd world war. Shells in weight of 471 kg from 6 trunks could amaze at once the purposes to 40 km.

Northern, the Radio hill, Uchkuevka

The Autostation Northern where ferries and sea trams (small steam-ships) from the centre of Sevastopol very often go, is now one of the largest transport knots. For example, there is a bus flight along all Western coast of Crimea through Evpatoria up to Black Sea. It is a lot of flights to Bakhchisarai, there are also straight lines to Simferopol.

Sea trams (boats) go also to a mooring at Radio hills , the big inhabited file which housing estates also adjoin and is simple waste grounds with breakages and small bays. One of the largest health resorts – a camp site of the Black Sea fleet of Russia "Sevastopol" has spacious own beach on cape Thick which is cut off from other by an extended strip of breakages. The place it to very few people is known, and meanwhile, now the camp site accepts all interested persons.

Other large health resort – a camp site of Mokrousov is located on a kind and well-known. It is adjoined by some more large health resorts, and the spacious beach allows to accept and numerous lodgers of private summer residences and apartment houses of settlement the North side.

Remarkable sandy beaches are perfectly equipped by Uchkuevki. The name Uch means Three villages (on tatarski), but now it is only big park and country files.

At a beach large boarding houses, and behind park, on other party of highway - set of country houses, summer residences and minihotels settle down.

Excursion objects of the North side of Sevastopol are connected with heroic history of the first and second defence of a hero town. The input in the Sevastopol bay is covered with the Konstantinovsky battery with stone casemates on 94 tools. It is constructed in 1840. In 1870 on Bratsk a cemetery of defenders of Sevastopol it is consecrated St. Nikolay Chudotvortsa's temple-monument in the form of a pyramid. On its walls 38 plates with names of 943 victims are inside established.

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