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the Northwest from Perekopa to the item Black Sea (117 km)

There is nothing more attractively for the autotourist and for rest with tents, than Northwest coast, especially, if drive on peninsula through the Rekopsky isthmus.

After Krasnoperekopska turn off to the right on district Spacious and along seacoast go on the West to locate on one of special seaside parking places (with places for breakdown of tents, public kitchens and other service) at villages Port , Guarding (Razdolnensky area), Interwater and district Black Sea . Many inhabitants of these villages suit something like family board with house milk and excellent vegetables. So it is quite possible to arrive and by the bus. It is a lot of here and bases of rest.

The People here come on cars and with tents basically from nearby cities and villages of steppe Ukraine simply to sunbathe and bathe cheaply. Conditions are for this purpose good since May on the end of September. "The velvet season" as here is not present that - all the same steppe. beaches the free. Are good for children and adults. Beaches and parks of health resorts usually popular.

The Most northern in Crimea the good sea beach is in village Port (10 km to the north from district Spacious ). Earlier this place was called Sary-damask steel (Gold Klinok). Shallow bay deeply pressing in a land is protected from the north by a chain Swan islands, and sand, really golden colour because of the small maintenance of connections of iron, consists of small ground bowls of molluscs. On all this zone in the big surplus, approximately as in Evpatoria, but the big spacious beaches not so it is a lot of sun: on 120 km of sea coast of peninsula Tarhankut - only 30 km of coast convenient for mass rest.

However, among breakages and landslips of wild coast Tarhankuta (as well as Kerch peninsula) meet very cosy and romantic "ΡŠΡ€ΠΡŒΡ€ΡΡβ„–Ρ…" beaches. In ustjah small beams a ground, slipping and settling under the influence of waves, hardly faster in one place, hardly more slowly along the edges, forming something like an amphitheatre. In its most bottom the sea namyvaet the pleasant and secluded beach from different directions closed by breakages. In the narrow bays which are coming to an end with small cool grottoes, also can be convenient pljazhiki.

Usually they have width of 2-3 metres and length of 10-15 metres, consist of sand or small gravel and contain a considerable quantity of bowls of molluscs. At a wave storm cover them entirely, therefore it is possible to spend the night only there where the grass begins. In "ΡŠΡ€ΠΡŒΡ€ΡΡβ„–Β§" beaches there are underground lenses of very tasty fresh water and even medieval wells have remained.

But on all, of course, these paradise "ΡŠΡ€ΠΡŒΡ€ΡΡŽΡ‚" will not suffice, so we will return to mass rest. One of the most perspective places for this purpose - Bakalsky a plait: the huge beach, a half ring covering a shallow bay which gets warm to 17 degrees () already in the first of May, and since May, 20th, under the long-term data, here is established the water temperature of 20 degrees necessary for bathing of children. It remains almost without cold snaps to the middle of October. However, approximately half of days in a swimming season can become complicated a high wave (basically to 3 points). It is necessary to refuse bathing, being limited to driving on waves: into water come not further, than on a breast, and children should be held strong by the hand. The storm is good also that air is sated with aerosols sea salts, salutary for respiratory ways. To walk or sit on a beach in rainy weather - very much - it is quite good.

Bakalsky the lake, as well as other estuaries of the Northwest and the West of Crimea, too will gain - the big wave here does not happen, but bathing - on the fan: water very salty, very warm, bottom biases weak, moreover and on knees in silt it is possible to leave. a dirt in the Crimean estuaries almost everywhere curative, only to be smeared with them on the taste, moreover under the scorching sun it is harmful more likely, than it is useful. To fool about in a dirty kind of minutes 15 it is quite possible, if health absolute, and in general jokes with self-healing by a dirt can have unpleasant consequences.

After bathing in estuary it is good to run across on other party of a rerash and to be freshened in the sea or to wash off superfluous salt under a shower. The majority of estuaries has depth of 10-60 sm, get warm in the summer to 32 degrees so it is faster a bath, than swimming.

From Bakala through 40 km of steep coast the sea at village Interwater again pleases us with a shallow warm bay (it is called Jarylgachsky ) in a frame of two sandy rerashes separating from it of lake Pansky , or Sasyk , and Dzharylgach .

The coast on the West from Interwater again direct and steep and only through some kilometres it is cut by a shallow bay. It already settlement beaches Black Sea with which we will begin our following route.

In addition on the given theme:

the Trolleybus line: airport "Central" - Simferopol – Alushta – Yalta (М-18, Π•-105, 95 km)
the Sevastopol highway (М-26, 83 km): Rocky and the Observatory (В-01-16, 14 km), Bakhchisarai and cave cities, Inkerman - Sevastopol
Bakhchisarai - the Grand Canyon of Crimea – Ah-petri – Yalta (Π’-01-17, 86 km)
Highway Sevastopol – Yalta (М18, 80 km)
Highway Alushta – the Pike perch (Π -08, 93 km), Kapsel and the Solar valley, ShChebetovka and Karadag, Koktebel – Ordzhonikidze - Feodosiya (Π -08, 55 km)
Feodosijsky highway (М-17, 120 km): Simferopol – Belogorsk – Old Crimea - Feodosiya
Feodosiya – Lenino (51 km), ShChelkino and cape Kazantip; Kerch (Π•-97. М-17 from Feodosiya – 98 km) - Kerch strait, reserve Opuk
the Western coast from the item Black Sea to the North side of Sevastopol (Π’-01-04, Π’-27-09, 160 km)

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