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Feodosiya – Lenino (51 km), ShChelkino and cape Kazantip; Kerch (Е-97. М-17 from Feodosiya – 98 km) - Kerch strait, reserve Opuk

For trailering and improving rest remarkable conditions on a huge Gold beach to the east from Feodosiya. Here there is a set of bases of rest, campings, private hotels and summer residences. From the Gold beach further away on the east tourist development changes the face closed before garrison settlements Coastal and Seaside . There private boarding houses, bars, cafe, attractions and other with might and main are under construction, the blessing of a lack of beaches is not present, and shots have got in due time education in prestigious high schools.

In geographical sense, there where the Feodosijsky gulf all presses further in a land, and the highway departs from coast, Kerch peninsula already begins.

Transport lines. Their only two (the highway and the railway), also go they in parallel along all Kerch peninsula from Feodosiya to Kerch and further through Port Crimea to Kuban, to Russia, passing through more and more or less large settlements. The railway goes more close to the Azov coast. The Black Sea coast of Kerch peninsula before recent time was a prohibited zone. And now there especially you will not clear up (more precisely - you will not find anything interesting), desert however.

Kerch peninsula is isolated by the nature from other Crimea. It differs both landscapes, and history, it already as though border with Asia and at all times the major strategic territory. It is occupied poorly and in a Soviet period has been stuffed by military facilities and ranges. However, thanks to huge ranges voensovhoza "East" on cape Opuk protogenic steppes and a unique colony of a pink starling, anywhere in the world any more not meeting have remained. The administratively basic part of Kerch peninsula concerns Lenin area with the centre in settlement Lenino (railway station Seven kolodezej). On 44 km of highway from Feodosiya on Lenino (on the north) conducts separate highway. Through 7 km you get to small settlement where it is possible to do shopping or take cash in a cash dispense. Further, on coast of sea of Azov, cash dispenses the prices for products a little above are not found any more, and.

Gorod ShChelkino (13 thousand inhabitants) has regional submission, to it from Lenino to go still decently – 22 km.

The City is constructed at the basis of round cape Kazantip so on either side of from a city huge sandy beaches last. At any direction of a wind it is possible to choose that is pleasant – waves or a calm more.

The Most advanced Moscow magazines "¤=¦ё" and "¦р=рфюЁ" in 1997 have christened Kazantip the main party of a beach season of Russia and the adjoining countries, and godforsaken and people designs of the Crimean nuclear station "фхъюЁрчшхщ in cost 1 000 000 000 фюыырЁют" and the most grandiose monument of industrial culture. Now the festival of electronic music is spent in Saksky area at village Popovka, and in ShChelkino there was quieter and profitable festival "Kazantip-sports" - competitions and parties of admirers the Fan-bordinga, kajt-surfing, a mountain bicycle, jeeps and an other extreme.

the Reserve on cape Kazantip simply bewitches. Thanks to a fresh water total absence this ancient coral atoll remained untouched a civilisation.

Only last years here there were oil wells which, however, are romantic enough and remind of the Texas westerns (it knowingly, as the company, really, with the Texas participation).

Kazan - on-tatarski a copper, and Kazantip - a copper bottom. Semidesertic landscapes of Kazantipa and absence in direct visibility of any habitation are perfect conditions for trainings and games of survival. And "ърЁьрээ№х яы цш" are ideal for all who appreciates a solitude. Here pictorialists with seductive models quite often work, and freakish landscapes feed also photographers and painters.

In other part of Kerch peninsula it is a lot of proselkov, and you can go along coast though to to the Arabatsky arrow (with the rests a Turkish fortress at its basis and salt-mines hardly further), though to other party, along the Kazantipsky gulf.

From station Fresh-water on the south the rests of an ancient defensive shaft which is known as Uzunlarsky (it are clearly traced in a relief Asandrov (in honour bosporskogo conducts to lake Uzunlar in the south of Kerch peninsula), or tsar Asandra who has strengthened a shaft in I century BC). Who has created for the first time this grandiose construction and when - it is not known. In my opinion, it, as well as the Rekopsky shaft in the north of Crimea, and the Akmonajsky shaft in the narrowest part of Kerch peninsula (from with. Kamenki, former Ak-Monaj to settlement Seaside) - all these ditches and shaft remained from ancient river systems which replaced each other as drift of continents changed outlines of Crimea and an inclination of its surface.


Big enough territory along Kerch strait is occupied with city lands of Kerch (170 thousand inhabitants), on them the city and some settlements is located at the large industrial enterprises: Arshintsevo, Vojkovo. And also Port Crimea. In general for Kerch inhabited quarters and the whole microdistricts by trades are characteristic: ship builders, metallurgists, fishermen, seamen zagranplavanija. The Most part of the industry of Kerch is now stopped, for an environment it only on advantage.

In the city of Kerch ideal possibilities - are easily accessible to trailering of 4 (!) different sea water areas: Black sea, Kerch strait, Azov, Sivash and ten curative lakes. And everywhere various salinity and a water temperature, and the main thing - the special fish.

Chains of hills everywhere limit horizon so having passed all pair of kilometres, it appear in the forgotten world. Well and when you get in "ърЁьрээ№щ" the beach - all paradise terrestrial appears personally yours!

The In itself city represents the small historical centre generated between mountain Mitridat and the big port. The main city street – Lenin, bestransportnaja, is recently reconstructed in the manner of Arbata.

26 centuries ago local the Bosporsky kingdom was, to antique measures, quite big and strong state. Its treasures are exposed now in the Hermitage and in the British museum. But in Kerch and its district for display to tourists it is equipped not so much: a small exposition of the Imperial barrow, a crypt of Ancient Greek goddess Demetry with unique frescos, a part of excavation on a grief Mitridat where there was a capital - Panticapaeum , excavation of the subordinated cities of Tiritaka. Nimfej, Ilurat. Small the museum of local lore gives any representation about stories of this edge, but tens unique archaeological objects for public remain while unknown persons. However, every year expositions becomes more.

But church in city centre in an excellent condition, and after all John Predtechi's temple is constructed in VIII century, it one of the most ancient in the Eastern Europe. And in general the Christianity has got into Crimea practically right after its occurrences. Quite probably that apostle Andrey Pervozvannyj in the propovednicheskoj missions across caucasus and Skifii happened here, and probably there were here the people listening and knowing Jesus from Nazareth.

Krepost Eni-Kale (the New fortress) is erected by Turks on the bank of Kerch strait, in its narrowest place. Fortress building went long enough and has been finished only in 1703. The French engineers supervised over it. Recently for visiting by tourists it is equipped also other defensive object for passage protection – the Kerchensky fortress.

The Museum of history of defence of Adzhimushkajsky stone quarries, the Art gallery, the Museum of history of the Eltigensky landing acquaint With drama pages of history of the Great Patriotic War.

In city centre of Kerch of a beach is not present. In area Arshintsevo there is a Karantinsky beach (a bus stop "Ђэё=ш=ѕ=" and downwards under breakage, the car it is possible to park on small parking over breakage). The beach narrow and overloaded with visitors, and in Vojkovo is some small beaches at which also it is possible to leave motor vehicles. kerchane prefer a spacious golden beach to Eltigena .

In the north from Kerch in area with. Bondarenkovo there is a field mud volcanoes : from cracks in terrestrial bowels not magma, and the blue-green clay forming low hills with craters or lake of a liquid dirt here is thrown out. At all do not approach to them close - it is possible to fail very deeply. And a hand in clay do not spoil, it quickly undertakes a bark, and to wash it there is no place, to the sea some kilometres.

From Kerch on a highway it is possible to pass also to with. Osoviny and with. JUrkino - here interesting opolznevyj with original vegetation, and from cape Hroni it is easy to capture a relief of coast a sight and sea of Azov and Kerch strait.

Along Kerch strait on the south there is a highway on with. Treasured , at local fishermen fish is usually better and cheaper, than on kerchenskih the markets, and on road it is possible to taste and spiritual food. Near to a rerash big lake Tobechik , nearly without reaching it, in coastal breakage it is bared ancient oyster bank - the whole layer from bowls dvuhstvornyh molluscs. After a highway rerash, coiling, rises upwards, before Treasured the road departs from it to the boarding house, here many turn off to type waters from ancient stone, a round laying, a well with excellent "ёырфъющ" water (in Kerch which was ostensibly given to drink by the North Crimean channel, to water the special relation - well, you will feel it). Coastal breakage here is interesting opolznevymi by circuses, steep ledges of loess, exposures zhelezorudnyh breeds among which there are bowls ancient - balls (oolites) of ore.

After village Treasured on the south good beaches and bowls of molluscs form of sand only rerashes of small salty lakes. And the exit to open spaces of Black sea delivers only art pleasure - here, at cape Takyl (quite suitable uncomfortable name) is not present either villages, or trees, either beaches, or safe descent to water.

On a huge extent of the Black Sea coast Kerchenskogopoluostrovavy can not count on one metre not only resorts, but also a resort virgin soil. Except for mountain Opuk , but is a reserve zone. Here two lakes - Kojashsky and Uzunlarsky are separated from the sea by excellent sandy rerashes. Well and at cape Chauda , a huge Feodosijsky gulf finishing an arch, lake Kachik also is separated from the sea by a sandy rerash. To small village Black Sea conducts from Feodosijsky highway of road of 38 km through desert so if on a place at coast nobody waits for you, even do not think here to go. In general the cape Chauda is very interesting to geologists, in coastal breakage here is bared ancient oyster bank. But here with potable water there can be problems.

In addition on the given theme:

the Trolleybus line: airport "Central" - Simferopol – Alushta – Yalta (М-18, Е-105, 95 km)
the Sevastopol highway (М-26, 83 km): Rocky and the Observatory (Т-01-16, 14 km), Bakhchisarai and cave cities, Inkerman - Sevastopol
Bakhchisarai - the Grand Canyon of Crimea – Ah-petri – Yalta (Т-01-17, 86 km)
Highway Sevastopol – Yalta (М18, 80 km)
Highway Alushta – the Pike perch (Р-08, 93 km), Kapsel and the Solar valley, ShChebetovka and Karadag, Koktebel – Ordzhonikidze - Feodosiya (Р-08, 55 km)
Feodosijsky highway (М-17, 120 km): Simferopol – Belogorsk – Old Crimea - Feodosiya
the Northwest from Perekopa to the item Black Sea (117 km)
the Western coast from the item Black Sea to the North side of Sevastopol (Т-01-04, Т-27-09, 160 km)

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