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Feodosijsky highway (М-17, 120 km): Simferopol – Belogorsk – Old Crimea - Feodosiya

Possibly, very many it was necessary to pass on highway Simferopol – Feodosiya and only to admire the most beautiful line of mountains on horizon, only guessing beauty of their woods, freshness of springs and mysterious caves. Actually, the area is not deprived not so neither natural unique persons, nor historical pearls, beginning from the hunting parking drevnekamennogo centuries and finishing legendary places of guerrilla fights. Woods here are rich with mushrooms, herbs, fragrant wild fruit and berries. To the European measures here one of the best places for hunting and fishing.

It is a lot of Roads and tracks, degree economic osvoennosti valleys is high also. In valleys it is a lot of villages, with normal shops and possibility to rent any transport. Thus above on jajlah the nature pervozdanna, and deserted open spaces simply stun. Pleasant feature of a ground jajl for those who loves impassability, but does not love a dirt, the big degree treshchinovatosti limestones is. Water does not form pools, therefore is not present either a dust, or a dirt.

At route planning on asphalt roads it is necessary to find simply (in the beginning on a card, then on district) branches from highway Simferopol – Feodosiya and to move strictly along river valleys. If transport allows movement variants on first coats – the problem becomes complicated, but also it is more than pleasure. Then it is possible to move on some healthy and safe distance from highway from a valley to a valley. Quite good asphalt highways in places are here again arranged, but built them not for tourism, and to farms or fields. So be ready to that they will suddenly pass in bumpy enough and broken first coats.

The density of military facilities was here too very high in a Soviet period. Now all is opened for movement, but to turn off to any structures which do not have inviting indexes it is not necessary. Tourist development of these places is at an initial stage. It is few mountain restaurants, horse farms or any else institutions. And all which are, care of installation of special indexes for highway Simferopol – Feodosiya.

the Mud hut

In a picturesque valley of small river Beshterek (Five poplars) to the south of a line Simferopol – Belogorsk – Feodosiya right after joinings of Crimea to Russia, in 1780th years has arisen one of the first Russian settlements the Mud hut . One of the first special excursions on Apple and Honey has rescued has been developed in 1991 in commonwealth with a local temple. The in itself village also revives traditions of the first settlers from different provinces of Russia and Ukraine.

On east steep coast Beshtereka nearby to village it is possible to examine the Wolf grotto, a nature sanctuary and archeology. As a whole, classical for the Crimean Foothills the hunting parking. All was a number – a watering place where in improbable narrowness the animals superseded from open spaces of Northern and Average Europe by the Great glacier gathered. In a grotto the rests of bones of a mammoth, a cave bear, a wild horse and other animals are found out.

Rocky breakages became a trap for animals whom women and children shout drove from a watering place. And tops of rocks gave full safety to hunters who threw from above spears, darts and threw stones. The grotto gave reliable protection against a bad weather, the rock did not cool down below +10 degrees, even in frosty nights.

And still here it is very beautiful and kind, as on all primitive parking of Crimea.


The Line Simferopol – Belogorsk already passes by for a long time the big settlement Zuja which lies on the small river with the same name. Above on a current (on the south on a valley) behind village Balanovo among mountain wood waters of the Balanovsky water basin effectively spread. Soft bends of gulfs and capes are pleasant both for fishing, and for walks along coast on foot or top. In a Soviet period the big comfortable base of rest of "Balanovo" has been constructed. Tourists accept and in a local private sector.

Above from a water basin on a small river Zui current in east breakage of rocks the grotto of Kiik-koba (a cave of the savage), known parking of primitive hunters gapes. Now the area protected by a grotto about 50 square metres. The aperture is turned on the south so once here the whole tribe with ten strong hunters, wives, kiddies, the shaman and even creative persons very not bad could feel. In the conditions of plentiful meat food they quite presumed to create to themselves the present masterpieces – the carving on bones, petroglyphic lists and other artefacts which it is conclusive is denied by sample reasonings on roughness of cave customs.

Most known of expeditions in vicinities of Balanovo - a burial ground Nejzats (III-IV centuries AD) – one of the largest monuments of uneasy time of Sarmatians and alanov.

About 200 dug out funeral constructions, more than 1000 things, including from the precious metals, visited at exhibitions in Italy, France and Germany. Among them – the unique finds which do not have analogies neither in Crimea, nor behind its limits.

Dolgorukovsky jajla

Jajly form here almost uniform file in three huge steps. Each of steps has very flat and pleasant inclination for movement on the north. Already from a valley of Small Salgira to the south of Simferopol (area Meadow) it is possible to get out on Dolgorukovsky jajlu . It is very extensive, and routes on it can connect valleys of the small rivulets crossing a line Simferopol – Feodosiya (Beshterek, Zuja, Burulcha, the Sary-sou) with the Salgirsky valley and a trolleybus line.

Heights Dolgorukovsky jajly from 500 metres in the north gradually, with alternation of hills, funnels and relief deflections, reach more than 900 metres in the south. Then through a small step of Tyrke-jajly with heights 1240 – 1280 metres on the south are possible through tracks and first coats to get out already to open spaces Demerdzhi-jajly (1356, and then to roll down in the Alushtinsky valley.

And on the east an average step forms small jajla Orta-syrt (orta – average on drevnegrecheski, and syrt on krymskotatarski bezlesnoe plateau) with heights hardly above 900 metres you get on the following level. It not so simply step, and other reality – a plateau of Karabi.


Karabi-jajla - the most deserted place in Crimea and in Ukraine, possibly, in general. This hilly plateau uplifted more than on 1000 metres to the sky. It is covered by karstic funnels and penetrated by a myriad of caves, wells and mines. In the Cadastre of caves of their Crimea it is described 128, but each cave explorer dreams to find the - and it occurs!

Karabi conceals also riddles of ancient contacts to aliens: the huge figures reminding butterflies, are laid out on a grass by calcareous blocks - but drawings can be distinguished only from flight height (and from space!), and here the second image petroglyphic, the person operates the mechanism from three correct forms wheels, or gear wheels, it, on the contrary, is hidden in one of caves.

The nature has created Karabi as secret posadochkuju a platform. Anyway in days of the Great Patriotic War here there was a main guerrilla airdrome.

On the north from Belogorska population density (and rural) and economic osvoennost the earths are unusually high. It is a so-called zone of the North Crimean channel with the most intensive cultures on the irrigation earths: vegetables, rice and others grain, gardens and vineyards. In 70th years here it is created much pereselencheskih villages, but from an extreme antiquity fertile valleys of the rivers Karasu and Salgir are mastered.

Nursery "Cold mountain"

On the West from Belogorska on a line North side to Simferopol in picturesque natural boundary the Penalty-large sum (the Black bird) settles down the State nursery of pheasants " Cold mountain ". To it conducts separate highway. Local heights of the Internal ridge are reached 367 metres by) (mountain Orta-tau), a relief with soft bends of slopes which are covered by shady woods and cosy lawns. In general, paradise places. There are special expositions and programs for tourists. Certainly, the main thing here an imperial bird a pheasant. Pheasants have delivered in 1956 from Romania for cultivation as the hunting game. From here young pheasants settled across all Crimea. By their 1970 years there was a large quantity even in the nearest vicinities of Simferopol.

Now in woods of all Foothills it is simple to hear only their special kukarekane and powerful noise of wings at launch. But in nepahanyh steppes of Kerch peninsula of pheasants so it is a lot of, and their meetings with the person so are rare that it is easy to see them simply near to highway.

Base "Burulcha"

Halfway between Simferopol (35 km) and Belogorsky necessarily you will pay attention to names of settlements – Flower, the Crimean rose, Fragrant. In 1970th years it there was a whole empire of unique and improbably expensive raw materials for perfumery. From village Fragrant on the south it is possible to get out on branch from a line to to horse base "Burulcha. the Mountain small river Burulcha a transparency of the water suggests about a trout, and actually for it is famous. Not so blood-thirsty and carnivorous public can recommend easier walks along the river and photographing among the improbable size of leaves of local burdocks. It is possible to come per day, it is possible to remove a wooden comfortable cottage.

Nursery "Cold mountain"

In several kilometres on the West from Belogorska on a line North side to Simferopol in picturesque natural boundary the Penalty-large sum (the Black bird) settles down the State nursery of pheasants " Cold mountain ". To it conducts separate highway. Local heights of the Internal ridge are reached 367 metres by) (mountain Orta-tau), a relief with soft bends of slopes which are covered by shady woods and cosy lawns. In general, paradise places. There are special expositions and programs for tourists. Certainly, the main thing here an imperial bird a pheasant. Pheasants have delivered in 1956 from Romania for cultivation as the hunting game.

Belogorsk and Ak

In 47 km from Simferopol and 73 km from Feodosiya are Belogorsk, and near to it the well-known White Rock - Ak , the most beautiful file of the External ridge of Crimean mountains. Almost hundred-metre steep breakage of limestones towers on the conic basis white mergelej, cut up by deep ravines. Dried up, but the romantic landscape close to cretaceous prairie, has given the chance in the Soviet cinema almost half a century to remove here westerns and adventure films: "the brainless Horseman", "Lobo", etc.

the Red beam in vicinities of Ak-kai became the present archaeological sensation. In 1960-70th years it has been dug out more than 20 parking of primitive hunters.

In the Middle Ages Ak was an execution place. National memory has kept the legend that on this rock resulted young Bogdana Khmelnitskiy, captivated in 1620 twice. In the face of it under the order murzy the Circle — the local feudal lord — dumped captives to force Bogd2it Bogd'eeropitsja with the repayment.

In 1782 prince G.A.Potyomkin accepted on the White rock from Crimean baev and murz an oath of allegiance of the Russian empire. And a bit earlier, in 1771 A.V.Suvorov nagolovu has broken the tatarsko-Turkish army the ancient Suvorovsky oak growing and now among an orchard became which witness of capitulation at its bottom.

The Crimean Foothills are remarkable the gardens and wood berries, and also unusually tasty spring water. Local the markets - at villages Rich, Spring, Topolevka - a true pleasure for the traveller. Near to the market interesting restaurants and cafe with national Crimean kitchen or traditional hunting dishes everywhere are constructed.

Old Crimea

Thanks to the position on border of steppe and mountain woods of Solhat (the initial name of a city) once was capital Crimean a yurta of the Gold horde, but has a little kept from the past. Only small a house museum of writer-romanticist Alexander Green , yes ruins of several mosques. One bears a name ordynskogo the khan of the Uzbek and is constructed in the beginning of XIV century on its means, also as well as medrese (spiritual school).

On another in 1277 the sultan of Egypt has welcomed 2 000 dinars to Bejbars . It Came from half-sheep (kipchak), the nine-year boy it have sold on one of nevolnichih the peninsula markets. In Egypt it became the soldier-mamljukom, the faithful servant of Islam, and once comrades in arms have enthroned him.

In 4 kilometres in the heart of wood on the southwest from Old Crimea there is an Armenian monastery of Surb-hach (the Sacred cross). Its oldest construction – a temple of the sacred Innocent person is erected in 1338. Asceticism and restraint of the Armenian architecture is combined with amazing stone-cutting art. Are very pleasant and some ancient springs at monastic walls. They are dressed by a stone, and approaches to them are paved in the Middle Ages.

Mountain tracks it is possible to pass or pass on off-road cars and to ruins of other constructions. Wonderful springs, the falls rich with fruits of wood and top with tremendous kinds still are a little known among tourists.

The road from Old Crimea to Koktebel Is known to fans of the literature of the Silver age (but it is not especially passed now) so-called zemskaja. On it visited to each other Alexander Green and Maksimilian Voloshin. Now the road to many places is destroyed by landslips and washed away, so is of interest unless for ekstremalov.

Old Crimea – a recognised resort for sick of a tuberculosis. Actually, it also involved in it many known people. Among them poetess Julia Drunina and her husband, film writer Alexey Kapler. It was popular the leader of the "Film panorama", one of the best Soviet teleprograms. In the big sanatorium "Old Crimean" long time the known doctor and the public figure academician Nikolay Amoss worked.


In a city a lot of interesting - as in any way the city has exchanged 26th century. Historical monuments are located compactly enough. It is possible to put a motor vehicle on a paid supervised parking around the central market, it hardly above the historical centre located lengthways the sea.

In the street Galerejnoj are the Art gallery of I.K.Ayvazovsky (d. 2) and A.Green's museum (d. 10), in the street Lenin - a mosque the Mufti-dzhami (1623) and the Armenian temple of Sergija (Sarkisa) - here takes places XV centuries meeting of stone plates - lapidary in which the Genoa, Armenian and Turkic monuments are exposed. In Seaside park Konstantin's tower adjoins to I.K.Ayvazovsky's fountain (it is constructed in 1888 under the project and on means of the great marine painter) (1382 - 1448) - one of many, remained in a city after the Genoa sovereignty. The basic kernel of the Genoa and Armenian monuments has remained in a southern part of a city, in so-called Quarantine. These are towers of Krisko and Klimentina VI, Anonymous and Dock; temples of XIV century: Stefana, Grigory, John Predtechi, John Bogoslova.

In 1990 the hand gliding Museum (street of Kuibyshev, 12) is opened. Instead of so a long time also the Museum of money which has already become famous for that has filled up the collection from "svezhenajdennogo" in vicinities of a city of a treasure.


  • the Code of international telecommunication +38 06562
  • Service of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies 3 20 96
  • It is mountain-life-saving service 7 15 73
  • a rescue Society on water 7 10 60, 7 13 71
  • Agency of air communications 006, 3 01 32
  • Ry station, help 005, 3 21 98
  • Road service station, help 7 10 52
  • M.Voloshin's House museum in Koktebel (Quay) 3 65 06
  • the Museum of sisters of Tsvetaevas (street of Kuibyshev 12) 3 65 06
  • A.Green's Feodosijsky literary-memorial museum (street Galreejnaja, 10) 3 13 09
  • Feodosijsky museum of local lore (Lenin's avenue, 11) 3 02 77
  • the Feodosijsky art gallery of K.Ayvazovsky (street Galerejnaja, 2) 3 09 29

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