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Highway Sevastopol – Yalta (М18, 80 km)

One of the most beautiful mountain roads of the Eastern Europe. Many high-speed sites with the most beautiful review, are also difficult turns. But in any case, the highway gives pleasure and to the driver and passengers.

From highway from Sevastopol on Balaklavu it is possible to rise on a legendary place of battles - Sapun-mountain . The mountain is combined from bentonitovoj the clay in the ancient time used as soap (sapun, in Turkish). Dominating over approaches to a city from the south, the mountain was at all times the major strategic point, and at clearing of Crimea in the Great Patriotic War became a place of solving battle.

The Diopama "Sapun-mountain Storm on May, 7th, 1944" has in the subject plan set of the original weapon and ammunition from a battle field. Before a diopama building are established field and antiaircraft guns, the armoured technics, Guards mortars of "katyusha", combat material of military seamen, the trophy fascist technics is exposed also.

In vicinities set of communal graves and monuments, including to heroes of the military connections generated in Crimea, in Armenia, in Georgia and other regions of Soviet Union. These monuments are made on means of grateful fellow countrymen and serve as places of gathering of veterans.

On city suburb, away from Balaklavsky highway, the monument of landscape gardening art of local value " by Maksimova a summer residence " with reserved natural boundary where under protection there is a unique population of a grape snail is located.

The Nature sanctuary declares in 1972 Ushakov a beam with a relic grove kevovogo a tree. Old, age till 300 and more years copies Here have remained.

Balaklava, Laspi, the Bajdarsky valley

Balaklava - small town in the southeast of the earths of Sevastopol which name in Turkish means the Fish Nest (Balyks-lavas). It is located on the bank of the bent picturesque bay reminding a fjord. According to some scientists the bay corresponds to the port description lestrigonov where Ancient Greek hero Odysseus has ostensibly got to time of the wanderings. Balaklava is both unique nature sanctuaries capes Ajja and Fiolent, and romantic ruins of the Genoa fortress Chembalo (since 2002 here began to arrange knightly tournaments, the small museum has opened) and the mysterious ancient temples fanned by poetic legends. Not less legends "Prince", sunk goes about nemerjannyh treasures of an English frigate during the Crimean war, in 1854, in the first flight, for what and have nicknamed the ship "the Black prince". Then in Balaklavsky battle offsprings of the aristocratic families of Great Britain were lost.

In Balaklave there is a factory of sparkling wines " the Gold beam ", after the Great Patriotic War it was created by experts of "Massandry" for champagne mass production on the accelerated technology.

To the south of Balaklavy acts in the sea rocky cape Ajja (Sacred mountain, grech.), Southern coast of Crimea limiting from the West, with its special, close to the Mediterranean, lines of the nature. Here other climate, other plants suddenly begin. Here to the advanced person becomes clear as it is possible to worship to stones and trees, artists and photographers, contactors, psychics here direct and is simple fans to live stark naked.

Cape Ajja Rocks abruptly break to the sea, places forming grandiose collapses - unapproachable stone haosy. In rock water are rendered habitable by numerous seaweed and molluscs-filtration organisms so water is unusually pure and transparent.

Hillsides are covered unique Submediterranean sosnovo-mozhzhevelovo-zemljanichnikovymi by light forests. A habitat of a relic pine pitsundskoj (Stankevicha) - the largest in Crimea. In total in zakaznike - about 500 kinds of plants, 28 from them are brought in Red books. The picture of the bewitching nature is supplemented with rare species of animals living here: a sea eagle-belohvost, podkovonos, a leopard runner and others.

Natural boundaries Batiliman and Laspi on the earths of Sevastopol - already high-grade Juzhnoberezhe. These places name the Crimean Africa for dryness of a climate, a heat and security from winds. Rocky haosy in water look dangerous enough, but shtormit here it is very rare, and water between rocks the cleanest and is filled by a life: among picturesque seaweed mussels hide, crabs and the small fish scurry about. On slopes of mountains evergreen trees clamber, the age of many of which comes nearer to the thousand-year. Aroma of a treelike juniper and vibration of cicadas fill this forgotten world which has been fenced off from a civilisation by steep rocks of almost kilometre height.

In vicinities of Sevastopol set of mountain lakes for fishings , some of them in rent, are equipped vacation spots with a paid parking and campings, hunting on a woodcock is very popular , the Italian hunters are accepted many. Comfortable hunting country houses are constructed.

the Bajdarsky valley

It is named so on the largest village Bajdar (now Eagle). The area has received reputation of the Crimean Switzerland and for softness of a climate, and for natural beauty, and at cost of luxurious country houses.

At village Spring (Skelja) has remained huge a menhir – a cult astronomical construction of the Stone Age. The most known such construction in the world is the Stonehendge. The Sevastopol menhir are the boulders vertically put in the form of obelisks.

Them has remained two of three. The first obelisk in height 2,8м. Cross-section section - 1х0,7м. The second more low - 1.5м. In section 1,2х0,55м. The weight of larger makes more than 6 tons, but nearby there are no stone quarries, and the nearest rocks are seen only in several kilometres.

The Skelsky cave is recently equipped for visiting of tourists . It is at bottom the Penalty-dag of the Bajdarsky valley.

Above the Skelsky cave over one of breakages of a narrow canyon of small river Uzundzha on the road strengthened still by ancient Romans, it is possible to get on zhivopisnejshuju a mountain hollow with zaryblennymi ponds and the hunting grounds. On cards the place is designated as village Collective-farm, but the village is not present for a long time.

To Owners of off-road cars it is especially recommended a little-known ancient highway from the Bajdarsky valley in a river Belbek valley through so-called pass Kabany . On cards it is designated as pass Bichke, but among drivers has received the freakish nickname of that the mountain highway climbs up pass, twisting as kabany a tail. The top part of highway is washed away to rocks, crossed by gullies and ruts. But the most beautiful woods do travel very grasping, well and fans of olden time will amaze stone krepidy on northern elephant of pass. Stones are dexterously driven to each other on the big height by Russian sappers in 19 century, however pack road from Bajdar in Kokkozy well-known Tauris could put in the Middle Ages, and the beginning to it still.

Last years the canyon of the river Chorgun (Black), numerous streams originating from merge and small rivers of the Bajdarsky valley is extremely popular. Taken roots in the literature and on cards the name Black small river – absurdity. In the canyon its water so rages and sparkles that it is faster silvery. About an origin of the name of Chorgun to tell it is possible nothing, it is only Turkic processing of any name ascending still to Tauris.

the Chernorechensky canyon in 1947 has been declared by a nature sanctuary, and since 1974 - by state zakaznikom republican value. This deep and narrow gorge was formed as a result of washout of dense limestones. Throughout 12 km, beginning from a rock the Cornel on border of the Bajdarsky valley, the river punches to itself a way in twisting tesnine, squeezed with both parties rocks in height in some tens metres. In places this gorge is almost impassable: the river channel abounds with extensive rifts and cascades, navalami boulders. Near to a canyon, in territory of the Orlinovsky forest area, in 1979 it is organised Orlinovsky zakaznik local value "Bajdarsky" where under protection there are wild-growing herbs. There on wood glades the yarrow, etc. medicative herbs grow zveroboj, chabrets, dushitsa.

The Most visited place of a valley nevertheless remain Bajdarsky gate on its opposite southern extremity . are constructed in 1848 in honour of end of building of road Sevastopol - Yalta.

Now on this road go, it is possible to tell, only for the sake of Bajdarsky gate and a remarkable kind from them on Forossky church and picturesque coast below it.

The Modern highway between Yalta and Sevastopol passes much more low, through Laspinsky pass where on a powerful rock the specific platform is arranged. the rock bears a name and is decorated by a bas-relief Garina-Mihajlovsky , the quite good writer and very talented engineer-putejtsa. It is enough to tell, what even after century of its research and calculations were useful for building of this road.

From a platform the grandiose kind on bays of Laspi and Batiliman, cape Ajja opens.

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