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Bakhchisarai - the Grand Canyon of Crimea – Ah-petri – Yalta (Т-01-17, 86 km)

=> the Glade of fairy tales and the Yalta reserve, the Botkinsky track...

From the centre of Bakhchisarai on the southwest it is necessary to go about 8 km prior to the beginning of highway Bakhchisarai – Yalta Т-01-17, moving through the railway will be at station the Lilac, here, to moving, it is possible to get on a loop road. To minibuses and buses from the centre of Bakhchisarai through moving (two are more exact) it is not necessary to go, at settlement Railway they do not go on the main road, and continue movement on the Lilac on minor asphalt road. It is shown not on all cards, but is good enough and too deduces on the Yalta mountain highway.


Small village where from the Yalta highway there is a branch to village the Red Poppy and further to the cave city of Mangup, with. Ternovka and then on highway Sevastopol – Yalta. But to us now not there, and directly upwards on a river Belbek valley on the item of Kujbyshevo.

Nevertheless, village do not hasten to slip on full speed. Already on the top site of road to it from station the Lilac a kind on a highway South side (right) the most beautiful. In the beginning the horizon line is decorated by ancient barrows, and then the tremendous files of rocks reminding locks open. Over a river Belbek valley the huge stone Crocodile is piled up. The asphalt streamer smooth bends goes down to village. On a fork along a concrete fence directly on a roadside the market with very attractive prices also is more tremendous tasty fruit, vegetables, nuts, honey. There are also herbs. Hardly further the small pleasant building of a XIX-th century in style the Crimean rococo in the direction of travel rises. Now in it the Turkish lycée for boys works. Half of children in it – from slavic families.


The Big settlement, in the past district, in a picturesque valley of the river of Belbek. There is a hospital, the every possible trade, quite good cafe with chebureks and other east kitchen at autostation. Highway from Bakhchisarai to Yalta by the Grand Canyon of Crimea and further through Ah-petri very beautiful, with quite good asphalt, on May and in the summer with big enough steam of cars so the prices can be above, than in Bakhchisarai.


Ancient village Falcon (Cooks-goats, Dark blue eyes) in an environment of the most beautiful rocks and reserved beechen woods name capital of Mountain Crimea.

In Falcon the ethnographic centre of the Crimean Tatars is recently created. From a Soviet period the camp site "Eagle zalet" has remained in enough decent view. Now she spends besides tourist and scout adventure programs. And the pre-revolutionary past is presented by a magnificent heritage of a stormy life of Felix Jusupova Jr. who has become history, thanks to murder of Rasputina. Unfortunately, the palace is transformed into a boarding school, and it is possible to look at it only from afar, and here the Jusupovsky mosque in an excellent condition.

the Grand Canyon of Crimea

It is located in 6 km to the south has sat down above on a line. Certainly, big it only on scales of Crimea, but in its narrowest place only about 3 m – at height of steep walls mramorovidnogo limestone in 320 metres of sensation improbable. The beauty of a canyon simply submits, overcoming of 3 km becomes fascinating travel by the protogenic nature.

Stones and stones, carrying water, have drilled in a box of a canyon about 150 coppers, trenches and the baths alternating with falls and cascades. The most well-known – the Youth Bath all year long has temperature 11-13о S

To the north of a canyon, on small river Sary-Uzen there are falls Silver strings , flowing down over a moss-grown grotto in the form of a harp. Above after a series of cascades is the Jusupovsky pond .


The Main ridge of Crimean mountains is divided by valleys into a number of the separate files, which surface almost flat, is weak vsholmlennaja more precisely. Strong winds do not allow to grow normally to trees, but a moisture and sun abundance are favorable for mountain meadows. Ah-Petrinsky jajla - one of the most spacious and beautiful, and the most mastered in tourism.

The Mountain road conducting through a plateau Ah-petri from Bakhchisarai through Falcon to Yalta is present test for drivers. Especially, from the Grand Canyon to Ah-petri – one and a half ten very abrupt mountain turn where it is necessary to climb up simply the following floor, seeing nothing ahead. Be very attentive!

Well, and as soon as you have appeared above... It is already simple the whole celestial country, something from serial planets "Гтхчфэ№х тющэ№": almost untouched a civilisation, with roads (asphalt and soil), winding between the hills, opening in a mad rhythm of rally all new and new fantastic landscapes. The rocks changing colour every minute; flagoobraznye pines; clouds carried by at reckless speed and the sea which far below also looks the fallen asleep glass.

More simple way to rise on Ah-petri, and at the same time and to visit on road the most known nature sanctuaries of a southern slope of Jajly – directly on the Yalta road service station to sit down in a fixed-route taxi with an inscription "Ah-petri through falls Wuchang-sou".

Ah-petri (Sacred Peter, grech.) - the mountain which has become by one of standard and all of favourite symbols of Crimea. Its height of 1234 metres, it is far not the greatest, but the mountain silhouette finishes the most beautiful line of an amphitheatre from the sea - from cape Ah-todor with the Swallow's nest - to the well-known white teeth.

the Teeth Ah-petri forms four large (height 12-15 and a number of small steep peaks. On Ah-petri a lot of interesting and unusual - local landscapes sometimes you learn in sci-fi movies. the Ah-Petrinsky meridian - the globe on the granite basis with the exact geodetic data, a specific platform on to a rock of Shishko , a meteorological station, mountain Bedene-Kyr , - a traditional set with which you can and expand. To the Teeth pendant the rope-way , become operational in 1987 Ah-petri conducts. Its length - 3 km, lifting time - 20 minutes. Nearby to the Top station of a rope-way there is a big and continuously growing market with all conceivable entertainments for tourists. Nearby there is a cave the Three-eye , equipped for excursions. In total 35 caves are investigated, and total number of karstic cavities exceeds 230.

Near the Teeth grows reserved the Beechen grove , the biggest on Crimean jajle a site old bukovo-grabovogo woods. Powerful, to 10-15 metres of height and to semimeter in diameter of a trunk, trees create a picture, rare for almost bezlesnyh mountain plateaus. At most brovki jajly were sheltered loholistnaja a pear and a pine - "Ррьюых=". Age of last (about 300 years) and original flagoobraznaja the crone form have made its unique nature sanctuary. Exclusive interest is represented some by very old copies a yew berry , growing on an edge to the northeast from a teeth Ah-petri. Age of oldest of these giants - more than thousand years.

On a slope of mountains at the highway conducting with Ah-petri to Yalta, it is possible to see interesting natural sight - century wood from a pine Crimean, broken by a landslip. It is unique "¤і эр " a pine grove where trees-giants in the chaotic disorder have inclined every which way the trunks.

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