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the Trolleybus line: airport "Central" - Simferopol – Alushta – Yalta (М-18, Е-105, 95 km)

Simferopol => Alushta => Yalta

The Trolleybus line from airport "Central" of Simferopol to Yalta is usually presented in guidebooks with delight and is called as the longest in Europe. It is difficult to believe that somewhere in the world still built something so expensive and hlopotnoe in service. The general extent of a contact network (wires for trolley buses) – 95 kilometres.

Without going into details, we will concentrate that concerns trailering. The site between the airport and Simferopol has two wide and direct lanes so trolley buses there especially do not disturb. In Simferopol, especially at peak o'clock it is better to go round streets where there are wires. In general if follow on the south, it is better not to drive to a city at all, and to round it on Roundabout highway. Around the Simferopol water basin it all the same results on a trolleybus line and small time to you nevertheless it is necessary to go on southern suburb of a city which is called as Marino. Here set good both inexpensive krymskotatarskih cafe and the big restaurant. The prices in them much more low, than in institutions to the south on a line.

On departure from Simferopol the biggest in the west will open and a magnificent view on the Simferopol water basin, and then one behind another will be villages of the Salgirsky valley last.

Houses of the first line a little pomalu are bought up by businessmen and turn to shops, cafe and shops of the most improbable appointment. Here pools and water purification systems, various building materials and wood, live plants for parks and greenhouses, park and restaurant sculptures, pictures already are on sale. But, of course, does not manage and without classical rural assortment: honey and various mixes with nuts in honey, house vegetable and fruit canned food, samsa, cottage cheese and milk, fruit and vegetables, all year long greens and vegetables from the huge private hothouses, which in itself already cause attention of tourists.

Passing the big village Lozovoe (between it and a line recently has appeared krymskotatarskoe village the Ottoman-dzhami with a new mosque) it is possible to see ruins of the original building topped with a gear turret on an eminence. Here, on a summer residence of the uncle of professor A.E.Kesslera, grammar-school boy Alexander Fersman spent a vacation. Here, in vicinities of Simferopol, its hobby for a science has begun. Academician A.E.Fersman, the outstanding Soviet geologist, the popular writer of the mineralogical knowledge, the largest theorist, the researcher of huge open spaces of Soviet Union, an opener hibinskih apatites and many other deposits.

In village Pioneer on a hillock three old pines on a place of a manor Kiel-breaker belonging before revolution Perovsky (given to Russia writers, diplomats, officers, statesmen and the well-known terrorist Sofia Perovskuju) have remained. Further on the south in the Salgirsky valley on east suburb of village Pionerskoe-2 (Earlier monetary) ruins of a mosque of XIV century and a mint of the Crimean khans rise.

Spurs Dolgorukovsky jajly from the east from a valley in places very flat and still from apart on them seductively look dirt roads. Lifting on them is possible only on the present off-road cars.

Red caves (Cornel-koba) and Dolgorukovsky jajla

In 4 km to the east with. perevalnoe (journey on a line Simferopol – Alushta, a stop "Stadium") in spurs Dolgorukovsky jajly still is from afar allocated with reddish steep walls gorge with falls in the centre and grottoes gaping around.

On the way to caves recently there was a new tourist object – the training field first in the country for a golf.

Thrown still recently koshary have changed. In them saddle horses contain. There is nearby a big apiary, are constructed and various cafes, cottages, saunas and other institutions for tourists proceed to be under construction.

Thus it is pleasant to notice that in reserved gorge the Cornel-koba the natural beauty is broken by nothing. The firm which rents Red caves is created by professionals of tourist business and experts on the nature. All is arranged reasonably, safely. Are arranged musorosborniki, there are toilets, the vacation spots, the arranged well springs. It is necessary to pay only for excursion in caves, and walk on gorge – is popular and free.

The Threshold of caves – the Tuff platform is formed by the dissolved limestone taken out from them. In grottoes more three thousand years ago there lived people so-called a culture cornel-kobinskoj. And in the cave (the input in it hardly above) was an altar. Six circles of Red caves have the general extent over 17 km, it is the greatest in the CIS a cave in limestones. It is equipped for visiting, and, in diving suits and with aqualungs it is possible to overcome the siphons flooded with water and to admire protogenic beauty of distant halls.

On Dolgorukovsky jajle tens more interesting caves, for example, a cave altar of Eni-sala-2. And among mountain tourists parking Kolan-bair is popular. Here, in picturesque cosy beams at the time of war there was a guerrilla base. In memory of heroes nasypan the Glory Hill at which memorable actions and tourist meetings are carried out.

Chatyr-dag and its caves, Angarsk pass

Jajla Chatyr-dag is on the earths of the Crimean reserve, a part in the south of the Simferopol area, a part in the north of Big Alushty. The most popular hills of Crimea, the outlines remind a huge tent, visible with bolshej to a peninsula part. The Polish classic A.Mickiewicz has devoted it rather pompous and, at the same time, an exact sonnet on geographical details. To become closer to heavens it is possible on the mountain tracks, most simple – lifting from Angarsk pass, but it is easier to arrive from a trolleybus line at with. Marble on highway with the index "On the Marble cave".

The Western top peak the Eklizi-breaker, Church cape has height of 1527 m, the sixth on value in Crimea. East – the Hangar-breaker much more low. At its bottom the mountain-skiing line with two turns bugelnogo the lift begins. Nearby are laid sannye descents. Close Angarsk pass there is a meteorological station, parking place, hire, a bar and carriages for spending the night.

Hills Bowels conceal in themselves numerous caves, most beautiful of them – the Marble cave and Emine-bair-hosar are equipped for tourists. They are on the Bottom plateau, nearby there are comfortable small houses, and during winter time mountain-skiing lines with lifts and equipment hire work. On the way to caves on a cordon of Krinichka open-air cages for animals of the Crimean reserve are arranged: wild boars, deer and others. It is possible to fish for a payment on a picturesque pond. For quite some time now the village Marble had one more tourist object – park of Birds, phone - (0652 27 22 49.

In a chain of Crimean mountains Chatyr-Dag occupies median position, from different directions it is separated from neighbours and shifted on 10 km to the north from the basic line of the Main ridge of Crimean mountains. The file is limited by two deep passes - bogazami (passes) - in the southwest Kebit-bogaz between it and Babugan-jajloj, in the northeast – the Hangar-Bogaz divides Chatyr-Dag and Demerdzhi. Chatyr-Dag it is extended meridianalno almost on 10 km at width from the West on the east to 5 km. Its area with all slopes and spurs makes 46,5 км2. Chatyrdagsky jajla settles down on different absolute marks, two steps - the bottom and top plateau allocate. Bottom occupies the big space of a file and lies at heights of 900-1000 m above sea level. The top plateau is separated from bottom by an abrupt slope and lies on the average at height of 1300 m above sea level. Here the highest point of Chatyr-Daga – the Eklizi-breaker (Church cape), height of 1527 m is located, and on an extremity of a plateau opposite from it there is a top the Hangar-breaker (1459).

the Angarsk pass is at bottom of this top, its height of 758 metres above sea level. Here it is located and very actively the post of Majestic car inspection works.

During winter time if there is a snow, it is possible to curtail from a line on the West. Soon you will appear on good concrete parking place. It paid. For a payment also it is possible to hire skis, snowboards, argamaki, sledge. The set of different lines is equipped and is bugelnye lifts for skiers and snouborderov. Driving on horses, kvadrotsiklah, snowmobiles is spent. There are skilled conductors and instructors in different kinds of productive leisure and an extreme.

After Angarsk pass 12 km of descent in the Alushtinsky valley begin. It the most spacious on Southern coast and, certainly, the most picturesque. The amphitheatre of the mountains surrounding it from different directions, except the south, gives absolutely inexhaustible possibilities of shooting: Chatyr-dag with Demerdzhi and naborot, Babugan about the Eklizi-breaker and Chatyr-dag about the Novel-kosha, all these giants with Kastelja and so on.

Outlines of mountains vary in the most unpredictable image - if from Radiant the separate rock at top of Demerdzhi looks as a head of empress Catherine the Great from Alushty and from districts to the West from it all file of Demerdzhi looks as the bared girl who has leant back on a back with the magnificent hair falling to the sea.

On descent from Angarsk pass to the Kutuzovsky fountain the highway mountain forms the big loop so Demerdzhi is visible that at the left, on the right. The mountain consists of two files absolutely different in a structure.

Northern Demerdzhi higher, is usual jajla which surface consists from mramorovidnyh limestones.

Demerdzhi - hills from a pebble and the boulders of the ancient river pressed and stsementirovannyh in conglomerates, and then vzdyblennyh on height. Slowly collapsing, these breeds turn to freakish sculptures most powerful of which name Catherine II Head.

However, the well-known empress here never was. And so-called the Kutuzovsky fountain (a monumental platform on a trolleybus line on lifting to Angarsk pass) is connected with real historical events. On July, 22nd, 1774 Turks have landed a landing about Alushty and villages Noise (Top Kutuzovka) and Demerdzhi (Radiant) have become stronger near. Next day they were attacked by Russian armies of general Musin-Pushkin. During battle was seriously injured in a head and by miracle has not lost eyes the 29-year-old lieutenant colonel ordering a battalion M.I.Kutuzov. On a legend he is obliged by wonderful healing to a mountain stream where grenadiers washed out to it a wound.

From a trolleybus line to mountain Demerdzhi bottom on the east the asphalt road to village Radiant which has turned now to large base of horse tourism (here leaves horse clubs) settle down some.

From village LuchisYotogo the country road, and then a track conducts in gorge with gigantsyokimi freakish sculptures priyorodnogo origins. It also is znayomenitaja the Valley of ghosts.

The Second popular tourist object in these parts a small medieval fortress Funa . Between a fortress and the Valley of Ghosts on a dirt road twisted among huge landslide blocks, the stream of horsemen on horses, motorcyclists, bicyclists of tourists-peshehodnikov and even absolutely unprepared public from buses and cars which at mountain brotherhood it is accepted to name "matrasnikami" almost always moves.

Almost all mountain scenes of a known comedy "Caucasian captive" acted in film at mountain Demerdzhi bottom.

Very pleasant road for a car and motor-walks – a site of old Alushtinsky highway which leaves downwards from Luchistovsky highway between a trolleybus line and with. A lavender. On a trolleybus line this road returns you already through village Bottom Kutuzovka. This old asphalt streamer is extraordinary beautiful in itself, and kinds from here open remarkable and unique on each turn. Here removed for "the Caucasian captive" pursuit scenes when from Coward Balbes and Skilled arranged a barricade. For May holidays Alushtinsky club "Ex-three" spends on this line race on motorcycles.

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