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the Choice of style and travel area

The Northwest coast (the Black Sea and Razdolnensky areas), and also coast between Alushtoj and the Pike perch, region of Feodosiya and the Azov coast of Kerch peninsula are ideal as for quiet rest in autosummer residences and trailers , and for extreme races on impassability on jeeps (not the parquet!) and kvadrotsiklah.

The Western coast of Crimea, especially such places as Nikolaevka, Sandy, Angular are popular for inexpensive rest in tent small towns. It is conditionally possible to consider this public as autotourists if they arrive by buses or cars. But transport thus represents a warehouse of all necessary, including fire wood and alcoholic drinks, and is frequent also the goods for sale in the local market. Not so clearly and than our site or the Internet in all its information riches can be useful to people who spend the night over a beach between two "Ikarusami", having pulled between them polyethylene and having laid on the earth mattresses and laying.

However there is also a real routeing tourism by buses. The Polish students, for example, prefer to break tent small towns, in such places where inexpensive meal, and in general it is not necessary to pay for a place, and at the same time the set of sights nearby is located. Set of comfortable two-storeyed buses travel about across Crimea with tourists from Baltic which on a lodging for the night stop in enough expensive and comfortable hotels and visit a traditional South careful set of beauty: palaces, parks, wine vaults.

Romantic walks with the ladylove in a collection delightfully expensive cabriolet, certainly, are good on several mountain lines between Sevastopoleastopoleraem, Yalta and Alushtoj. Those who has thoroughly travelled on the world will not leave indifferent simply improbable kaleidoscope of reference tourist beauty. On Southern coast of Crimea and adjoining mountain areas you (as well as many authoritative experts on Europe) will find out Switzerland and Capri, Southern France and Cyprus, to Anatoly and Austria, Bulgaria and Saxony.

Well and it is final, classical family excursion trips in комфортабаecфортабоaроавтобусе or a capacious jeep (this time already in parquet) under the motto "having a rest learn!" It is possible not to wind one holiday in a ring Simferopol - the Salgirsky valley - Alushta - Gurzuf - Nikita - Yalta - Alupka - Simeiz - Foros - Bajdary - Balaklava - Sevastopol - Bakhchisarai and again Simferopol. Or to begin and close a ring in any of these places. The route easily prohoditsja for one long summer day - in Crimea on June, 22nd it is equal almost to 18 hours! But once again we will repeat, such ring will not settle the beauty and secrets and for decades of holidays.

Mountain Crimea and Foothills with the well-known cave cities possess as imperial and presidential literally this word highways, and causing pleasant furiousness at the present off-road cars trelevochnymi lines and an other transport lawlessness with ruts, gullies, taluses, collapses and other. At the same time anywhere, except Crimea ancient pack tracks have not remained in such density and such magnificence. They connected settlements at coast and in mountain valleys during antique times. Bed curtains, are shady, abound with springs. Are framed by fruit-trees - wood pears, apple-trees, German mushmuloj, and also a barberry, a cornel, a filbert. On many of them it is possible to pass not only on motorcycles and kvadrotsiklah, but also on automobile motor vehicles with normal Soviet passableness, like "Muscovites" and "Zhigulis".

Flat Crimea at all so is fresh for fans of automobile adrenaline as it can seem from the Soviet cards. It is enough to ask in any western aeroclub about Crimea pilots or it is simple fans of aircraft and to you at once will tell that another such "an unsinkable aircraft carrier" the world did not see and never any more will not see. In Europe the card of the Crimean military airdromes with full taktiko-technical characteristics legendary and unsurpassed planes on a terrible power is let out till now. From airdrome near Jankoi nuclear bombers patrolled the western border of the USSR from a mouth of Danube to Spitsbergen. Now in this airdrome kiddies drive on cards, and adults djadki arrange commercial pair races for fans strit rejsinga .

One more unique airdrome on which take place races strit rejsing - range "THREAD" in Novofedorovke, in 4 kilometres to the south from the city of Saki. In abbreviated form it means the Scientifically-test training apparatus of ship aircraft.

As airdromes local (near to the THREAD were based 3 more flight regiments) are protected only during doctrines which happen seldom, they were already chosen for a long time by local motorcyclists.

In general bajkerskoe movement in Crimea active, fashionable, prestigious and favourable. Public with pleasure not only stares at monsters of asphalt, but also is photographed for normal money of 2-5 dollars in exotic bajkerskih jackets and helmets. For more solid money walks on mountain streamers are arranged. In this business are involved not only owners of magnificent motorcycles from Kiev, Moscow and other cities of the CIS in the summer, but also it is a lot of Poles.

The Big festival "Var of zones" is arranged in the Sudaksky fortress in July, and all high season on roads of Crimea and its quays set of entertaining motor-public from all countries of Europe.

On German trophy motorcycles "BMW" of times of the Great Patriotic War it is possible to drive together with uniformistami on Sapun-mountain slopes in Sevastopol. Mountain walks are organised at the Valley of Ghosts. But the most mad extreme in which we in any way do not recommend to participate, this classical returning from rural discos in mountain valleys of the Bakhchsarai area. There on mountain roads go by motorcycles without mufflers and licence plates, and usually without headlights. But with the huge carriages intended for transportation of hay since mountain haymakings. On such design it is dense, cheerful and it is drunk nests 15-18 guys and girls simultaneously. We write about it not that you repeated such style of trailering and that simply were not surprised and were at night on mountain roads extremely cautious. Thank God, silent such trips do not happen.

The Autotourist feel easy now the person who does not have car can also. On the routes presented in the given project it is easy to carry out and trips on public transport. Now in Crimea any routes, for example from Koktebel on Kazantip or from Yalta to Feodosiya along coast are simple and inexpensive, there is also a super-route from autostation Northern in Sevastopol to Black Sea on Tarhankute along all western coast.

Hich-hajking (free travel without money and almost without things) - is very fashionable, and its adherents like to share the information in Intrenet. The Crimean drivers seldom take fellow travellers without money, but however drivers from Europe (them plies in the summer between Sevastopol, Yalta, Alushtoj and Bakhchisarai much enough) take both hippie, and punks, can feed on the way and also money to give!

Small, but important predosterezhnie for hich-hajkerov: you can "vote" in Crimea on poputku, anywhere, but on rural roads unfamiliar do not take in general, even for money. Actually you still have only those directions where often there are Muscovites and foreigners, that is fashionable places: Bakhchisarai, Mangup, the Grand Canyon, Foros, Simeiz and in general all Southern coast, all highways Alushta - the Pike perch, Koktebel, Ordzhonikidze, Feodosiya and the Gold beach, cape Kazantip and festival Kazantip in Popovke, and also Atlesh and Olenevka on Tarhankute.

Also is not less important yet: do not try to stop at all cars on the Loop road in Simferopol between airport "Central", the Moscow line and Feodosijsky highway. This strip has already developed, as a zone where clients get acquainted with women for intimate services.

Recently network game "enkonter" in which there are automobile variants of tasks and scenarios roughly develops. So not far off the birth of new kinds of automobile tourism, and Crimea in it, as always will be the first.

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